Research Groups: Laboratory Kinetic Project

Scientific Objectives

  • Understand the oxidation mechanisms of organic compounds in the atmosphere
  • Study the reactions of atmospheric free radicals (HOx, NOx and ClOx)
  • Study the photochemistry of carbonyl compounds present in the atmosphere

Scientific Plans to Realize Objectives

  • The product distributions from the oxidation of natural hydrocarbons such as the terpenes will be studied. The potential of these compounds to form aerosol particles will also be investigated.
  • Studies of other hydrocarbons at temperature below ambient will be carried out using both FTIR detection in a large chamber, and tunable diode laser spectroscopy coupled with flash photolysis. The experiments will improve our knowledge of the reactions of atmospheric peroxy and alkoxy radicals.
  • A detailed study of the oxidation of ammonia will be undertaken. It is currently not known whether ammonia oxidation is a source or a sink of NOx in the atmosphere. Both kinetic measurements and product studies will be performed.


Last Name First Name Phone Number
Orlando John (303) 497-1486
Tang Yongxin (303) 497-1425
Tyndall Geoff (303) 497-1472