ACOM Authenticator Acknowledgment

This form is required to use an authenticator in ACOM -- that is, a password or hardware token such as a YubiKey or CRYPTOcard. Please read, the following agreement. Authenticating below will take you to our password generation page and also indicate that you agree these terms. You may optionally print this agreement here. Remember that we all share a responsibility for IT security and to use reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized access to ACOM information systems.

Regarding authenticator tokens do you agree to the following terms?

Regarding passwords, do you agree to the following terms?

I agree to these terms.

Full name:

In order to verify your identity, we now require that you authenticate prior to generating and submitting a new password change request. Authenticating will also submit this agreement to ACOM's system administrators.

3. Authenticate and submit with my: