Travel Information: Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosols

The first workshop will take place at the Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station in Korkeakoski, Finland from 1 – 4 July 2007.

For more information about the field station, please see:

Please note that meals and lodging during the workshop will be provided.

Travel Instructions:

We ask that you purchase your own tickets (as soon as possible!) and then submit receipts to us for reimbursement. You should arrange your travel according to the following schedule:

Please try your very best to arrive in time to take the chartered bus. While it is possible to take alternate transportation, it is less convenient. We do understand, however, that there may be special circumstances that will prevent you from arriving in time to catch the chartered bus. In these cases please contact Michael Boy ( and he would be happy to assist you with arranging alternate transportation.

Important: Once you have made your travel arrangements, please send your detailed travel schedule Michael Boy ( so we are able to make sure that everyone will arrive safely in the Finnish wilderness.

Please note for all participants from US:

You MUST travel on U.S. carriers for the entire trip to get reimbursed.

Please submit receipts by email to for reimbursement. You will be given a travel allowance up to $1700. We understand that in some circumstances, this may not cover the necessary airfare. It is extremely important that you attend the workshop. If you have problems finding flights under $1700 (on all US carriers), we can help you. In these cases, please contact Jaclyn Jackson at 303.497.1451 or at **You must contact Jaclyn by April 27, 2007 if you need this additional assistance.***

Please note for all participants from Nordic countries:

Please contact Michael Boy ( for information concerning your reimbursements.

Lodging in Helsinki:

Some of you may want or need to stay in downtown Helsinki. There is a special bus that makes frequent trips between the airport and the main train station ( Here is a list of recommended hotels.


Single room price


Contact info (look for the English language option)

Hotel Arthur


May be booked. Close to train station and downtown.

Hostel Satakuntatalo


A youth hostel with single room option. Close to downtown.

Hostel Academica


One of the best deals, a 15min. walk from the train station.

Hotel Ava


Close to physics dept. (where bus will leave for Hyytiälä).

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Last update: April 17, 2007.