Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosols: Observations to Global Modeling

A workshop series for early career scientists from the US and Nordic countries.

First workshop: July 1-4, 2007
Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, Finland

Second workshop: August 11-15, 2008
Tovetorp Zoological Research Station, Sweden

Globally, secondary organic aerosol (SOA) from biogenic precursors surpasses those from anthropogenic sources. These organic particles have important impacts on air quality and climate, the latter through their direct interactions with radiation, as well as by the modulation of cloud condensation nuclei. These processes exert a substantial influence back upon the earth system through links to the terrestrial carbon and water cycles. The questions that currently confront researchers working in the fields of biogenic SOA and their impact on the each system are numerous and multidisciplinary. These challenges motivate this workshop series.

The purpose of this workshop series are:
1) to establish improved research collaboration between those who perform experiments/field observations and modelers to reduce the uncertainty in the impact of biogenic SOA on atmospheric chemistry and climate, and
2) to foster US/Nordic collaboration in this important research area, especially among early career scientists.

To be eligible an applicant must have received a doctorate after June 1, 2001. Attendance is limited to 10 US and 10 Nordic participants. Support for your participation at both workshops will be provided, including a travel allowance. Additionally, a small amount of funding will be available to support additional collaborative visits by US scientists to their Nordic colleagues.

Organizing committee: M. Boy and M. Kulmala (University of Helsinki); A. Ekman (Stockholm University); M. Bilde (Copenhagen University); J. Smith, C. Wiedinmyer, and N. Mahowald (US National Center for Atmospheric Research).

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US National Science Foundation

Nordic Center for Excellence:
Biosphere-Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Interactions