UTLS Publications: Calendar Year 2015

Abalos, Marta, Bernard Legras, Felix Ploeger, William Randel, 2015: Evaluating the advective Brewer-Dobson circulation in three reanalyses for the period 1979-2012. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, OpenSky.

Apel, Eric, Rebecca Hornbrook, Alan Hills, N. Blake, Mary Barth, Andrew Weinheimer, C. Cantrell, S. Rutledge, B. Basarab, J. Crawford, G. Diskin, Cameron Homeyer, Teresa Campos, Frank Flocke, A. Fried, D. Blake, W. Brune, I. Pollack, J. Peischl, T. Ryerson, P. Wennberg, J. Crounse, A. Wisthaler, T. Mikoviny, G. Huey, B. Heikes, D. O'Sullivan, D. Riemer, 2015: Upper tropospheric ozone production from lightning NOx-impacted convection: Smoke ingestion case study from the DC3 campaign. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, OpenSky.

Barth, Mary, Christopher Cantrell, William Brune, Steven Rutledge, James Crawford, Heidi Huntrieser, Lawrence Carey, Donald MacGorman, Morris Weisman, Kenneth Pickering, Eric Bruning, Bruce Anderson, Eric Apel, Michael Biggerstaff, Teresa Campos, Pedro Campuzano-Jost, Ronald Cohen, John Crounse, Douglas Day, Glenn Diskin, Frank Flocke, Alan Fried, Charity Garland, Brian Heikes, Shawn Honomichl, Rebecca Hornbrook, L. Huey, Jose Jimenez, Timothy Lang, Michael Lichtenstern, Tomas Mikoviny, Benjamin Nault, Daniel O'Sullivan, Laura Pan, Jeff Peischl, Ilana Pollack, Dirk Richter, Daniel Riemer, Thomas Ryerson, Hans Schlager, Jason St. Clair, James Walega, Petter Weibring, Andrew Weinheimer, Paul Wennberg, Armin Wisthaler, Paul Wooldridge, Conrad Ziegler, 2015: The Deep Convective Clouds and Chemistry (DC3) Field Campaign. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, OpenSky.

Diao, Minghui, Jorgen Jensen, Laura Pan, Cameron Homeyer, Shawn Honomichl, James Bresch, Aaron Bansemer, 2015: Distributions of ice supersaturation and ice crystals from airborne observations in relation to upper tropospheric dynamical boundaries. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, OpenSky.

Homeyer, Cameron, Matthew Kumjian, 2015: Microphysical characteristics of overshooting convection from polarimetric radar observations. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, OpenSky.

Hornbrook, Rebecca, Douglas Kinnison, Eric Apel, Alan Hills, Simone Tilmes, Jean-Francois Lamarque, Sue Schauffler, Dan Riemer, Elliot Atlas, Valerie Donets, Alfonso Saiz-Lopez, 2015: CAM-Chem model evaluation of the emissions and distributions of VSLS using TOGA observations over the Eastern and Western Tropical Pacific Ocean. OpenSky.

Kim, Joowan, Seok-Woo Son, 2015: Formation and maintenance of the tropical cold-point tropopause in a dry dynamic-core GCM. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, OpenSky.

Navarro, Maria, Elliot Atlas, Alfonso Saiz-Lopez, Xavier Rodriguez-Lloveras, Douglas Kinnison, Jean-Francois Lamarque, Simone Tilmes, Michal Filus, Neil Harris, Elena Meneguz, Matthew Ashfold, Alistair Manning, Carlos Cuevas, Sue Schauffler, Valeria Donets, 2015: Airborne measurements of organic bromine compounds in the Pacific tropical tropopause layer. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, OpenSky.

Pan, Laura, Shawn Honomichl, William Randel, Eric Apel, E. Atlas, Stuart Beaton, James Bresch, Rebecca Hornbrook, Douglas Kinnison, Jean-Francois Lamarque, A. Saiz-Lopez, R. Salawitch, Andrew Weinheimer, 2015: Bimodal distribution of free tropospheric ozone over the tropical western Pacific revealed by airborne observations. Geophysical Research Letters, OpenSky.

Park, Mijeong, William Randel, Douglas Kinnison, Adam Bourassa, Chris Roth, 2015: Variability of reactive nitrogen species linked to the stratospheric QBO [presentation]. OpenSky.

Park, Mijeong, Louisa Emmons, Christine Wiedinmyer, 2015: Comparison and evaluation of fire emissions in a Global Chemistry Model with SEAC⁴RS observations [presentation]. OpenSky.

Parkinson, Christopher, Peter Gao, Rick Schulte, Stephen Bougher, Yuk Yung, Charles Bardeen, Valérie Wilquet, Ann Vandaele, Arnaud Mahieux, Silvia Tellmann, Martin Pätzold, 2015: Distribution of sulphuric acid aerosols in the clouds and upper haze of Venus using Venus Express VAST and VeRa temperature profiles. Planetary and Space Science, OpenSky.

Randel, William, Kai Zhang, Rong Fu, 2015: What controls stratospheric water vapor in the NH summer monsoon regions?. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, OpenSky.

Randel, William, Fei Wu, 2015: Variability of zonal mean tropical temperatures derived from a decade of GPS radio occultation data. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, OpenSky.

Rieckh, Therese, Shu-Peng Ho, William Randel, Ulrich Foelsche, Ying-Hwa Kuo, 2015: Dry layers in the tropical West Pacific as observed with GPS Radio Occultation and CONTRAST aircraft measurements [presentation]. OpenSky.

Rieckh, Therese, Shu-Peng Ho, William Randel, Ulrich Foelsche, Ying-Hwa Kuo, 2015: Dry layers in the tropical West Pacific as observed with GPS radio occultation and CONTRAST aircraft measurements [poster]. OpenSky.

Tilmes, Simone, Jean-Francois Lamarque, Louisa Emmons, Douglas Kinnison, P.-L. Ma, X. Liu, S. Ghan, Charles Bardeen, S. Arnold, Merritt Deeter, Francis Vitt, T. Ryerson, J. Elkins, F. Moore, J. Spackman, M. Val Martin, 2015: Description and evaluation of tropospheric chemistry and aerosols in the Community Earth System Model (CESM1.2). Geoscientific Model Development, OpenSky.

Yu, Pengfei, Owen Toon, Charles Bardeen, Michael Mills, Tianyi Fan, Jason English, Ryan Neely, 2015: Evaluations of tropospheric aerosol properties simulated by the community earth system model with a sectional aerosol microphysics scheme. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, OpenSky.

Zhang, Fuqing, Junhong Wei, Meng Zhang, K. Bowman, Laura Pan, E. Atlas, S. Wofsy, 2015: Aircraft measurements of gravity waves in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere during the START08 field experiment. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, OpenSky.

Zhu, Yunqian, Owen Toon, Alyn Lambert, Douglas Kinnison, Matthias Brakebusch, Charles Bardeen, Michael Mills, Jason English, 2015: Development of a Polar stratospheric cloud model within the Community Earth System Model using constraints on Type I PSCs from the 2010-2011 Arctic winter. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, OpenSky.

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