CGD Publications: Calendar Year 2018

Journal Articles

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Bonan, Gordon B., Edward G. Patton, Ian N. Harman, Keith W. Oleson, John J. Finnigan, Yaqiong Lu, Elizabeth A. Burakowski, 2018: Modeling canopy-induced turbulence in the Earth system: A unified parameterization of turbulent exchange within plant canopies and the roughness sublayer (CLM-ml v0). Geoscientific Model Development, OpenSky.

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Brunke, Michael A., John J. Cassano, Nicholas Dawson, Alice K. DuVivier, William J. Gutowski Jr., Joseph Hamman, Wieslaw Maslowski, Bart Nijssen, J. E. Jack Reeves Eyre, José C. Renteria, Andrew Roberts, Xubin Zeng, 2018: Evaluation of the atmosphere–land–ocean–sea ice interface processes in the Regional Arctic System Model version 1 (RASM1) using local and globally gridded observations. Geoscientific Model Development, OpenSky.

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