CGD Publications: Calendar Year 2020

Journal Articles

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Atlas, R. L., C. S. Bretherton, P. N. Blossey, Andrew Gettelman, Charles Bardeen, Pu Lin, Yi Ming, 2020: How well do large‐eddy simulations and global climate models represent observed boundary layer structures and low clouds over the summertime southern ocean?. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, OpenSky.

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Dennis, John, Brian Dobbins, Allison Baker, Youngsung Kim, 2020: Transforming an observational assimilation application on CPU and GPU. OpenSky.

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Phillips, Adam S., Clara Deser, John Fasullo, David P. Schneider, Isla R. Simpson, 2020: Assessing Climate Variability and Change in Model Large Ensembles: A User's Guide to the "Climate Variability Diagnostics Package for Large Ensembles" Version 1.0. OpenSky.

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