CGD Publications: Calendar Year 2022

Journal Articles

Abraham, John, Lijing Cheng, Michael E. Mann, Kevin Trenberth, Karina von Schuckmann, 2022: The ocean response to climate change guides both adaptation and mitigation efforts. Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters, OpenSky.

Acosta, R. Paul, Jean‐Baptiste Ladant, Jiang Zhu, Christopher J. Poulsen, 2022: Evolution of the Atlantic Intertropical Convergence Zone, and the South American and African monsoons over the past 95‐myr and their impact on the tropical rainforests. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, OpenSky.

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Allen, K.J., F. Reide, C. Gouramanis, B. Keenan, M. Stoffel, Aixue Hu, M. Ionita, 2022: Coupled insights from the palaeoenvironmental, historical and archaeological archives to support social-ecological resilience and the sustainable development goals. Environmental Research Letters, OpenSky.

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Anstey, James A., Scott M. Osprey, Joan Alexander, Mark P. Baldwin, Neal Butchart, Lesley Gray, Yoshio Kawatani, Paul A. Newman, Jadwiga H. Richter, 2022: Impacts, processes and projections of the quasi-biennial oscillation. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, OpenSky.

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Arduini, Gabriele, Sarah Keeley, Jonathan J. Day, Irina Sandu, Lorenzo Zampieri, Gianpaolo Balsamo, 2022: On the importance of representing snow over sea-ice for simulating the Arctic boundary layer. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, OpenSky.

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Aubry, Thomas J., Jamie I. Farquharson, Colin R. Rowell, Sebastian F. L. Watt, Virginie Pinel, Frances Beckett, John T. Fasullo, Peter O. Hopcroft, David M. Pyle, Anja Schmidt, John Staunton Sykes, 2022: Impact of climate change on volcanic processes: Current understanding and future challenges. Bulletin of Volcanology, OpenSky.

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Baker, Sarah A., Andy W. Wood, Balaji Rajagopalan, James Prairie, Carly Jerla, Edith Zagona, Robert A. Butler, Rebecca Smith, 2022: The Colorado River Basin Operational Prediction Testbed: A framework for evaluating streamflow forecasts and reservoir operations. JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association, OpenSky.

Bao, Daoyang, Z. George Xue, John C. Warner, Melissa Moulton, Dongxiao Yin, Christie A. Hegermiller, Joseph B. Zambon, Ruoying He, 2022: A numerical investigation of hurricane Florence‐induced compound flooding in the Cape Fear Estuary using a dynamically coupled hydrological‐ocean model. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, OpenSky.

Bednarz, Ewa M., Daniele Visioni, Jadwiga H. Richter, Amy H. Butler, Douglas G. MacMartin, 2022: Impact of the latitude of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection on the Southern Annular Mode. Geophysical Research Letters, OpenSky.

Bevacqua, Emanuele, Giuseppe Zappa, Flavio Lehner, Jakob Zscheischler, 2022: Precipitation trends determine future occurrences of compound hot-dry events. Nature Climate Change, OpenSky.

Bower, Erica, Kevin A. Reed, Paul A. Ullrich, Colin M. Zarzycki, Angeline G. Pendergrass, 2022: Quantifying heavy precipitation throughout the entire tropical cyclone life cycle. Journal of Hydrometeorology, OpenSky.

Buckingham, F. L., S.A. Carolin, J.W. Partin, J.F. Adkins, K.M. Cobb, C.C. Day, Q. Ding, C. He, Z. Liu, Bette Otto‐Bliesner, W.H.G. Roberts, S. Lejau, J. Malang, 2022: Termination 1 millennial‐scale rainfall events over the Sunda Shelf. Geophysical Research Letters, OpenSky.

Bui, Hien X., Axel Timmermann, June‐Yi Lee, Eric D. Maloney, Yi‐Xian Li, Ji‐Eun Kim, Jacquelyn Shuman, Sun‐Seon Lee, William R. Wieder, 2022: Summer midlatitude stationary wave patterns synchronize Northern Hemisphere wildfire occurrence. Geophysical Research Letters, OpenSky.

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Carrillo, Carlos M., Sloan Coats, Matt Newman, Dimitris A. Herrera, Xiaolu Li, Rick Moore, Sang‐Ik Shin, Samantha Stevenson, Flavio Lehner, Toby R. Ault, 2022: Megadrought: A series of unfortunate La Niña events?. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, OpenSky.

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Chen, Ruyan, Isla R. Simpson, Clara Deser, Bin Wang, Yan Du, 2022: Mechanisms behind the Springtime North Pacific ENSO teleconnection bias in climate models. Journal of Climate, OpenSky.

Cheng, Lijing, Karina von Schuckmann, John P. Abraham, Kevin E. Trenberth, Michael E. Mann, Laure Zanna, Matthew H. England, Jan D. Zika, John T. Fasullo, Yongqiang Yu, Yuying Pan, Jiang Zhu, Emily R. Newsom, Ben Bronselaer, Xiaopei Lin, 2022: Past and future ocean warming. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, OpenSky.

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Cherukuru, Nihanth W., David A. Bailey, Tiffany Fourment, Becca Hatheway, Marika M. Holland, Matthew Rehme, 2022: Beyond visuals: Examining the experiences of geoscience professionals with vision disabilities in accessing data visualizations. Proceedings of IEEE VIS 2022: Visualization & Visual Analytics, OpenSky.

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