Title Principal Investigators Type
Arctic Research of the Composition of the Troposphere from Aircraft and Satellites ( ARCTAS ) Louisa Emmons
BEACHON Alex Guenther, Jim Smith NESL focus program
Biogeosciences (BGS) Elisabeth Holland and Alex Guenther (ACD), Gordon Bonan, Natalie Mahowald, David Schimel, and Peter Thornton (CGD), Britton Stephens (ATD), Jielun Sun (MMM) Tiimes
Chemistry-Climate Initiative J.-F. Lamarque, P. Hess, E. Holland, and D. McKenna, (ACD) J. Kiehl and P. Rasch (CGD), R. Harriss (ESIG) Opportunity Fund
High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder (HIRDLS) John Gille and David Edwards (ACD) Satellite
Mega-cities Impact on Regional and Global Environment (MIRAGE) S. Madronich and F. Flocke (ACD) Strategic Initiative
Modeling Air Quality in Mexico City and the Surrounding Region. This modeling effort was done in support of MIRAGE. Madronich, P. Hess, and X. X. Tie (ACD) Opportunity Fund
Measurements Of Pollution In The Troposphere (MOPITT) John Gille and David Edwards (ACD) Satellite
NDACC Infrared Working Group Jim Hannigan and Mike Coffey (ACD) Ground-based remote sensing
PANS proposal Frank Flocke and Elliot Atlas (ACD) Opportunity Fund
PANS Intercomparison Exercise (PIE 2005) Frank Flocke (ACD) Instrument intercomparison
Upper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere (UTLS) Laura Pan(ACD), Mary Barth(ACD/MMM), Teresa Campos(ACD/ATD), Andrew Gettleman(ACD/CGD), Andy Heymsfield(MMM),Bill Kuo(MMM),Bill Randel(ACD), Don Lenschow(MMM/ATD), Brian Ridley(ACD), David Rogers(ATD), Sue Schauffler(ACD), Jeff Stith(ATD), Paul Wennberg (CAL TECH) Tiimes