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CAM-Chem results for a subset of the globe and a range of dates can be downloaded from this page. Output is provided every 6 hours. Each request is provided as a single netcdf file. We strongly recommend that you download a single day for your region to check the file size and then request a range of dates that will result in a manageable file size. Requests for time spans longer than 32 days are not supported. Questions about CAM-Chem and requests for additional dates can be addressed to Rebecca Buchholz (buchholz at ucar . edu).

Direct data download is also avalailable from the NCAR Research Data Archive; registration is required.

The 'date' and 'datesec' variables contain the date and time of the CAM-Chem output. To verify the date of the downloaded files, please use 'ncdump -v date'. The program ncview does not properly interpret the 'time' variable and calculates an erroneous date.

CAM-Chem results are available for January 1, 2001 to June 30, 2020. Further details are available at the Wiki page CESM2.1: CAM-Chem as Boundary Conditions. For more recent dates, consider using WACCM forecasts. If you require further information, please contact Rebecca Buchholz (buchholz at ucar . edu).

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