ACOM Diceword Generator

This page allows you to generate a 'diceword'. This is a type of longer password that for some is easier to remember. This page is derived from the project Our main change to John Van Der Loo's code is using a larger database of words extracted from at least two Project Gutenburg sources. In any dice word algorithm, it is the randomness that's key -- we are simulating "throwing a dice" to choose words.

Some sites/services require upper/lower case and characters and symbols. This generator allows you to specify these options in order to fit their requirements. Of course you may modify any password this page generates to suit additional preferences you may have. If you don't like a word combination, click on "Generate password" to generate a new set.

The theory behind dicewords is that they are longer, and so they require more processing power to extract the password from a password database. Even though they are longer, some find them easier to remember or even easier to type. The best way to describe how this works is an 'xkcd' comic

If you use this utility to generate a password keep in mind that this is just one algorithm and that there are other generators out on the Internet with their own unique algorithms and features. For whatever password you use, be sure to use it in only one place. A password manager like LastPass may be a useful way to track more than a handful of passwords. If you use a diceword password at NCAR and use one of the applications within F & A, check with F & A to be sure that the password length is compatible with the application or service they offer.

(including the separator)
(Multiple values will be used randomly, try *&^%$#! )

This is an XKCD inspired password generator.

* For geeks: Saving options will utilise LocalStorage. De-selecting will remove the options from LocalStorage.

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