Download Subset of MOZART-4 Output

Results from 2 different MOZART-4 simulations are available for download as netcdf files from this site. Subsets can be selected for individual species, only surface level, and/or regions of the globe. We strongly recommend downloading one day first and reviewing the file size that will result from a longer tme span. Requests for time spans longer than 32 days are not supported.

MOZART-4 results for regional model boundary conditions are available from the WRF-chem site (

The MOZART-4/GEOS-5 simulation is driven by meteorological fields from the NASA GMAO GEOS-5 model. SYNOZ and O3RAD are not used in this simulation, as there seems to be reasonable strat-trop exchange when using GEOS5 fields in MOZART-4. This simulation uses anthropogenic emissions based on David Streets' inventory for ARCTAS ( and fire emissions from FINN-v1 (Wiedinmyer et al., Geosci. Model Devel., 2011). These results are at 1.9x2.5 deg with 56 levels.

The model results are instantaneous output every 6 hours. Files for 1 day for the whole globe for all altitudes are 940 MB for the GEOS-5 simulation.
MOZART-4/GEOS5 results are available for January 1, 2007 to to January 21, 2018, however we highly recommend using our CAM-chem output instead, available 2001-2019.

Please contact Louisa Emmons (emmons at to request additional options.

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