How to use and interpret MOPITT Retrievals


V3 Data Quality Statement

Averaging Kernels

In order to properly compare MOPITT Level 2 Data with models or other measurements the MOPITT averaging kernels MUST be used.  The averaging kernels are also valuable as an indication of the vertical resolution of the measurements.
    Please consult the document, Calculation and Application of MOPITT Averaging Kernels (PDF, by Merritt Deeter, updated 24 Jul 2002), for the details on calculating and using averaging kernels.

A priori data

MOPITT retrievals rely on CO and CH4 a priori data. MOPITT data users need these data in order to calculate the MOPITT averaging kernels. Different versions of archived MOPITT retrieval data may be based on somewhat different a priori data. Therefore, it is important that MOPITT data users download the a priori file which is consistent with the specific version of MOPITT retrieval data being analyzed.

Sample programs

Sample IDL programs for calculating averaging kernels from the covariance matrix and application of averaging kernels to a 'true' profile:

Examples of averaging kernels