WACCM Plotting

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Chemical species:       Minimum value to plot: Maximum value: (use format 1.23e-4 in ppx)
Minimum height to plot: hPa    Maximum height: (use format 1.2e-2 in hPa)
Some chemical values and the height will be plotted on a logarithmic scale.

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Vertical cross-section
along a single     latitude     longitude (-180 to 180)     at value degrees.
Range of x-axis: to degrees.
Time series
Latitude:     Longitude:     at model level:

Ending date and time:

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Tagged CO tracers are included in the WACCM forecasts (labeled CO01 to CO09) and are based on subsets of CO emissions:
CO01: global biomass burning
CO02: North America anthropogenic
CO03: Europe
CO04: Northern Africa
CO05: Western Asia
CO06: East Asia
CO07: South America
CO08: Southern Africa
CO09: Australia