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Available here:

  • The mozbc utility for processing Mozart data, including instructions and input files.
  • The bio_emiss Fortran code and makefile.
  • Input files for bio_emiss.
  • preprocessor tools for running WRF-Chem / MOZCART (exocoldens and season_wesely).
  • anthro_emiss Fortran based preprocessor to create WRF-Chem ready anthropogenic emissions files (wrfchemi_<domain>_<date> or wrfchemi_{00z,12z}_<domain> ) from global inventories on a lat/lon projection. Users are strongly advised to consult the README files before compiling and using the code.
    Jan 14, 2014: Anthro_emis has been updated to fix a bug in handling data sets that have north to south latitude ordering.
    Feb 20, 2015: The anthro_emis tool has been corrected for a bug which caused a conversion factor error in the case where the input emission is for a gas in molecules/cm2/s.
  • Input files to use anthro_emiss with EDGAR-HTAP.
    Global EDGAR-HTAP emission inventory input files for the MOZCART_KPP and MOZART_MOSAIC_4BIN_KPP and MOZART_MOSAIC_4BIN_AQ_KPP WRF chemical options. Users should read the README.EDGAR file before using the anthro_emiss utility.
  • The EPA_ANTHRO_EMIS tool allows users to create WRF-Chem compatible hourly anthropogenic emission input files from Sparse Matrix Operator Kernel (SMOKE) Modeling System netcdf output.

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