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WRF-Chem Forecast Maps

Valid Forecast Dates:

May 1, 2019 through tomorrow.
February 2007
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Hr: 00 03 06 09
12 15 18 21
12:00 February 5, 2007


No forecasts will be available 26 July - 2 August 2021 due to a computer downtime.
Failure in the MODIS download resulted in zero fire emissions for 8-12 July 2021 forecast cycles.
The full 48-hours of d02 plots are not complete until about 1:15 PM Mountain Time.


Time stamps are in UTC.
Press shift-refresh to reload all images.
Starting 22 April 2020 the forecasts no longer include the inert tracers (2D & 3D Fire Tracers, Anthro Tracers, LBC Tracer).

More Information:

WRF-Chem and WRF Configuration and Specifics.
Evaluation and additional visualization.
Comparison with TOLNet stations.
See also WRF-Chem comparison with satellites.
The forecasts are part of the European Union Horizon
2020 AQ-WATCH project.

Forecast Team:

Rajesh Kumar (NCAR/RAL)
Gabriele Pfister (NCAR/ACOM)
Carl Drews (NCAR/ACOM)
Garth D'Attilo (NCAR/ACOM)
Shawn Honomichl (NCAR/ACOM).
We acknowledge the use of near-real time U.S. EPA AirNow surface monitoring data.


This is a research product and not intended for official guidance. For the operational U.S. air quality forecast please visit For information on air quality health effects and U.S. standards please visit

Chemical species:
Selected date or altitude is out of range.
Chemical species:
Selected date or altitude is out of range.