Stratosphere-Troposphere Analyses of Regional Transport (2008) Data Download Page

Project Description Stratosphere-Troposphere Analyses of Regional Transport (START08) studied
the chemical and transport characteristics of the extratropical upper tropospheric and lower stratospheric region
using the NSF/NCAR GV research aircraft. A total of 18 flights were conducted in the United States and Canada
during April, May and June, 2008.

Project overview:

Pan, L. L., K. P. Bowman, E. L. Atlas, S. C. Wofsy, F. Zhang, J. F. Bresch, B. A. Ridley, J. V. Pittman, C. Homeyer, P. Romashkin,
W. A. Cooper, 2009: Stratosphere-Troposphere Analyses of Regional Transport Experiment, Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc. 91, 327-342.

More information about these flights are documented in the NCAR EOL START08 field catalog:

Figure. Composite image of all NCAR GV aircraft tracks of flights flown during the START08 field campaign.

Data Description: The following table contains download links for merged 1 second aircraft data and merged HAIS Advanced Whole Air Sampler (AWAS) data for each START08 NCAR GV flight. Links to flight track information for each flight are also available in the 'Flight Track' column. Detailed information about the 1 second aircraft and AWAS merges are available via the README link at the top of each of the Data download columns. All the merge files for each Data set can be downloaded in a single .zip file via the links labeled 'RF01-RF18.ZIP' at the bottom of each respective data column.


Flight Number Flight Date Notes Merged 1 Second Acft Data Merged AWAS Data Flight Track
RF01 04/18/2008 Tropospheric Intrusion Flight RF01 RF01 RF01
RF02 04/21/2008 Mountain Wave and Jet Interaction Flight RF02 RF02 RF02
RF03 04/24/2008 Extratropical UTLS survey RF03 RF03 RF03
RF04 04/28/2007 Stratospheric Intrusion RF04 RF04 RF04
RF05 04/30/2008 Survey Profile to BL RF05 RF05 RF05
RF06 05/01/2008 Stratospheric Intrusion RF06 RF06 RF06
RF07 05/04/2007 Pre-HIPPO/Stratospheric Intrusion RF07 RF07 RF07
RF08 05/06/2008 Pre-HIPPO/Tropospheric Intrusion RF08 RF08 RF08
RF09 05/09/2008 UTLS Survey RF09 RF09 RF09
RF10 05/12/2008 Pre-HIPPO Northern Survey/WLEF overflight RF10 RF10 RF10
RF11 05/14/2008 Stratospheric Intrusion RF11 RF11 RF11
RF12 05/15/2008 Stratospheric Intrusion RF12 RF12 RF12
RF13 06/16/2008 Pre-HIPPO Southern Survey RF13 RF13 RF13
RF14 06/18/2008 UTLS surey/convective outflow RF14 RF14 RF14
RF15 06/23/2008 Pre-HIPPO RF15 RF15 RF15
RF16 06/24/2008 Pre-HIPPO RF16 RF16 RF16
RF17 06/26/2008 DC8 Comparison/Tropopause Survey RF17 RF17 RF17
RF18 06/27/2008 UTLS survey and convective outflow RF18 RF18 RF18

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