HIAPER Small Ice Detector Probe (SID-2H)

The HIAPER Small Ice Detector Probe (SID-2H) is an electronic probe that measures the size distributions of water droplets and/or ice particles in the size range 1 to 60 microns. It also measures the scattering behavior of each particle in the forward direction using an array of detector cells. SID-2 was designed for HIAPER and funding was acquired to NCAR, Andy Heymsfield PI, through NSF HAIS funding. Data are acquired with an onboard computer and also sent in real time to the HIAPER data system. The data are processed using software developed for the probe by the PI’s group at NCAR. It is written in the IDL language. Post-processing yields particle size distributions and shape information that is converted into a depiction of each particle’s phase. The data are averaged over 1 Hz intervals to yield statistically-significant samples, although shorter averaging times could in principle be used. SID-2H has flown on HIAPER during PacDEx and on the NCAR C130 aircraft during the ICE-L field campaign. After working out a few instrument issues during PacDEx the probe is now working well. Further calibrations are needed. These will be done in the AIDA cloud chamber and at the University of Hertfordshire where they were developed.

Contact name: Andrew Heymsfield, NCAR MMM, 303-497-8943, heyms1.

Dimensions:19" rack wide X 27 " high X 18 " deep, instrument fits in a canister
Weight:Probe 40 lbs., data system 20 lbs
Power:28 VDC
Mounting:In PMS canister
Number of operators:1
Altitude requirements:max. alt 52,000 feet
Ground requirements:30 minute preflight

SID-2, in right canister, and a 2D-P probe in the left canister, as mounted on the NCAR C130 aircraft during the ICE-L field program.