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The WACCM forecasts are driven by meteorological fields from the NASA GMAO GEOS-5 model. This simulation uses anthropogenic emissions from CEDS provided for CMIP6, with emissions for 2014 used for this year. Open fire emissions are from FINN-v1 (Wiedinmyer et al., Geosci. Model Devel., 2011). The results are at 0.9x1.25 degrees with 88 levels. Each file (global for 1 day) is 8 GB.

If you would like to be notified when WACCM forecast data is not going to be available, please subscribe to the ACOM Forecast Notification list.

For questions regarding the ACOM forecast tools or data files please subscribe and post to the ACOM Forecast Users Discussion list, which will also give you access to answers to previously asked questions.

The 'date' and 'datesec' variables contain the date and time of the WACCM output. To verify the date of the downloaded files, please use 'ncdump -v date'. The program ncview does not properly interpret the 'time' variable and calculates an erroneous date.

WACCM results are available from one year ago until 10 days from now.

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