2nd International High Energy Particle Precipitation in the Atmosphere (HEPPA) Workshop

Final Report:
Click to access the Meeting Report (PDF) for the 2nd International HEPPA Workshop.

Date: 6-8 October 2009

National Center for Atmospheric Research, 3080 Center Green Drive, Boulder, Colorado, 80301, United States of America.

Local Hosts: National Center for Atmospheric Research and the University of Colorado.
Logistical information regarding registration, financial support, instructions for presenters, accommodations and transportation can be found here.

Scientific Focus:
The workshop is focused on observational and modeling studies of atmospheric and ionospheric changes caused by energetic particle precipitation; e.g., solar proton events, relativistic electron precipitation, and auroral electron precipitation. Presentations on sources of precipitating energetic particles of all energy levels, transport of the precipitating particles, impacts on atmospheric dynamics and composition on all time scales, and aviation/space flight hazards from precipitating particles are welcome. Interdisciplinary investigations exploring coupling between different atmospheric regions are encouraged.

Invited Tutorials:
Physics of Energetic Particle Sources: Daniel Baker and Richard Mewaldt
Energetic Particle Measurements: Janet Green and Martin Friedrich
Effects of Energetic Particle Precipitation on the Thermosphere & Ionosphere: Stanley Solomon
Effects of Energetic Particle Precipitation on the Mesosphere & Stratosphere: Gabrielle Stiller
Basics of Atmospheric Coupling – MLT to the troposphere: David Siskind

Invited Talks:
Precipitating Particle Sources and Particle Transport: Gang Lu
Energetic Particle Precipitation (EPP) Effects on the Thermosphere & Ionosphere: Marty Mlynczak
Direct EPP Effects on the Middle and Lower Atmosphere: Pekka Verronen
Indirect EPP Effects and Atmospheric Coupling: Don Smart
Future Measurements: Scott Bailey
Aviation Hazards: Margaret Shea

Members of the scientific committee:
Dr. Charles Jackman (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Prof. Manuel Lopéz-Puertas (Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia)
Dr. Cora Randall (University of Colorado, chair)
Dr. Craig Rodger (University of Otago)
Dr. Esa Turunen (EISCAT)
Dr. Pekka Verronen (Finnish Meteorological Institute)

Members of the local organizing committee:
Dr. V. Lynn Harvey
Dr. Charles Jackman
Dr. Daniel Marsh
Dr. Cora Randall (Chair)
Dr. Stanley Solomon

Contact Information:
Cora Randall
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
University of Colorado
392 UCB
Boulder, Colorado, USA
email: cora.randall@lasp.colorado.edu
fax: 303-492-6946 (USA)