Instructions for Presenters:
Instructions for presenters are now available.

Meeting Registration:
Instructions for meeting registration, including payment of $200 US, are here.

Financial support for early-career scientists:
HEPPA organizers have reserved a limited amount of money to support participation of early-career scientists in the form of waived registration fees. To apply: 1) register, 2) submit your abstract, and 3) send an e-mail to Cora Randall (randall@lasp.colorado.edu) stating your need of support and year of graduation with an advanced degree.

The nearest hotel to NCAR's Center Green facility is the Marriott Residence Inn Boulder. A Courtyard Marriott is within a 10-minute walk of NCAR's Center Green facility. Reservation Details are:

Visitors will fly into the Denver International Airport (DIA), which is about 45 miles (73 km) from Boulder.

To reach Boulder by car from DIA:
Option 1: From the airport, take Pena Boulevard toward Denver. Go west on I-70. Take a right on I-270. Continue straight past I-25, where I-270 becomes US 36, which will take you into Boulder.

Option 2: From the airport take Pena Boulevard toward Denver. Almost immediately take the E-470 toll road toward Boulder. Follow the toll road (which becomes the Northwest Parkway) all the way to US 36. Take US 36 west into Boulder. There will be three stops for a total of $8 in tolls, but this route has much less traffic and is generally faster than option 1.

For more detailed instructions, go to www.mapquest.com and enter:
     Starting Location: 8500 Pena Blvd, Denver, CO 80249
     Ending Location (for Residence Inn): 3030 Center Green Drive, Boulder, CO 80301

To reach Boulder by shuttle from DIA:
If you do not wish to rent a car, this is probably the easiest way to reach Boulder from the airport. The Boulder SuperShuttle, http://www.yellowtrans.com/supershuttle/boulder_supershuttle_DIA%20Denver.htm , (now merged with the Boulder Express Shuttle), 303-227-0000, leaves at least every hour at about 10 past the hour between 7:10AM and 11:10PM from gate 504, Island 4, and takes about an hour to get to Boulder. Once in Boulder, the shuttle will stop at a central location (usually the Broker Inn) and visitors transfer to smaller vans that will take you to the hotel or residence of your choice. Cost is $27 one-way. At DIA the shuttle desk is on the west side of level 5 (the main level). You can usually make arrangements when you arrive, and do not need reservations ahead of time. Returning to the airport, the SuperShuttle leaves the Broker Inn every hour on the hour between 4AM and 10PM. You can arrange to be picked up from your hotel.

To reach Boulder by bus from DIA:
This is the cheapest way to reach Boulder from DIA, but you will need to take a taxi or another bus in order to reach your final destination, unless you are staying in downtown Boulder, in which case you can walk. The RTD (Regional Transportation District) SkyRide AB bus leaves DIA approximately twenty minutes past each hour. For a detailed schedule, check the RTD website ( http://www.rtd-denver.com/skyRide_SubHome.shtml ) and follow the links to SkyRide, AB (W-Bound means Airport to Boulder). SkyRide buses leave DIA from level 5 - the same level where you pick up your bags. You can board SkyRide at one of two locations: lane 3 outside door 506 at the West Terminal or lane 5 outside door 511 at the East Terminal. Just look for the SkyRide sign and RTD shelter. Fare to Boulder is $12, and it takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to get to the downtown terminal at 14th and Walnut streets, which is about 2.5 miles from the Residence Inn. Either a taxi or local buses can be taken to your final destination (e.g., the 208 route will take you to the Residence Inn).

Local Weather:
October weather in Boulder is generally very pleasant, although our proximity to mountains means that anything can happen. Boulder is known for its dry climate, with more than 300 days of sunshine each year. High temperatures in early October average ~70°F (21°C), with nighttime lows near 40°F (4°C). Visitors planning trips into the mountains should plan for colder weather and possibly snow. U.S. National Weather Service forecasts for Boulder can be found at http://www.crh.noaa.gov/den/awebphp/forecast.php .

Local Fun:
A few web sites with good information on sight-seeing, shopping, eating, hiking, and other activities in Boulder and the surrounding area:

Rocky Mountain National Park:
A visit to RMNP, about 1 hr 15 min from Boulder, is definitely worth an extra day’s stay, with scenic drives and many miles of hiking trails. See http://rockymountainnationalpark.com/ . Estes Park is the gateway town to Rocky Mountain National Park ( http://www.estesparkcvb.com/ ).