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Satellite Instrument Design & Simulation Experiments

The SOSAS Framework

Satellite remote sensing science, Earth system modeling and data assimilation form the cornerstones of the Satellite Observation Simulator and Assimilation System (SOSAS) framework. Viewed from different angles, the same framework can be used to address 3 interrelated applications: (1, in blue) Evaluation of conceptual satellite instruments using observations of Earth system model “truth” with performance quantification using data assimilation to determine how well the simulated observation answers a particular science question (OSSEs). This will support the participation of NCAR and university scientists in the proposal process for future instruments; (2, in red) Evaluation of Earth system model performance with respect to existing satellite observations. The wealth of new satellite remote sensing synergistic measurements, for example from the A-train, provides an opportunity to constrain model parameterizations and inform development; and (3, in green) Satellite products and Earth System model output may be assimilated in combination with other cross-scale measurements to produce a “Chemical Weather” forecast capability. This additionally provides a useful tool in field campaign planning.