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MOZART Tracer forecasts for DC3

MOZART chemical and tracer forecasts are being provided for flight planning support of DC3.

MOZART-4 Tracer forecasts

  • Horizontal resolution: 0.5deg x 0.6 deg
  • Driven by: GEOS-5 (v5.7.2) 5-day forecasts from 12Z of previous day
  • CO-fires – Emissions based on NRT FINN
  • CO-Asia – Anthroemissions from Asia, 15-day lifetime
  • CO-US – Anthroemissions from US, 15-day lifetime
  • Isoprene– Tracer based on MEGAN Isoprene emissions, 2-day lifetime
  • NO Light -- Lightning NO tracer with emissions from MZ4 parameterization (cloud height), ~5 TgN/yrglobal emis, 5-day lifetime
  • O3 Strat- stratospheric ozone tracer, set to stratozone climatology, 10-day lifetime