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MOZART and FLEXPART tracer forecasts for SEAC4RS

The ACRESP/ACD/NCAR is providing tracer forecasts from MOZART and FLEXPART for SEAC4RS. These forecasts are available on this site.

Mary Barth (ACD/MMM) has set up boundary layer and stratospheric tracers in the NCAR/MMM WRF SEAC4RS (3km and 15km) simulations.

The MOZART tracers page has plots of tracers from a MOZART-tracer forecast, driven by GEOS-5 meteorology at 0.5x0.6 deg horizontal resolution, as well as plots from the full chemistry forecast (2 deg horizontal resolution).

The tracers are: CO-fires (25-day lifetime, based on emissions from FINN ); Isoprene and Terepenes (2-day lifetime tracer based on online MEGAN emissions); NO-anthro (2-day lifetime tracer based on anthropogenic NO emissions); O3strat (Stratospheric ozone tracer with 10-day lifetime); Ocean (2-day lifetime tracer from DMS emissions). Plots of CO, O3, NOx and PAN are from the 2-deg full chemistry simulation.

The FLEXPART Tracers page shows plots of FLEXPART forward trajectories run from several cities on a 0.1° grid driven by GFS 0.5° forecasts/analyses. Shown are snapshots of the plume distribution after 24 hours of continuous emissions from each release point. The time given is the end point of each simulation. Both a map of the column integrated plume concentration (arbitrary units) as well as meridional/zonal transects are available. Each plot shows plumes from all release points, with the one selected in color (low to high: pink, blue, green, yellow, red), and the others in shades of grey. New release points can easily be added upon request (Christoph Knote).

The MOPITT & IASI plots page shows CO column retrievals from the 2 instruments for the same day and map region.

The FINN page shows fire emissions calculated with the Fire INventory of NCAR, updated every day.


  • Louisa Emmons
  • Mary Barth
  • Christoph Knote
  • Jerome Barre
  • Mijeong Park
  • Gabriele Pfister
  • Christine Wiedinmyer
  • Helen Worden